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Appsintune was started in 2015 as a collaboration between teams from Singapore and Indonesia. We are a team of Engineers, Trainers, Marketers and Angel Investors.


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Appsintune together with our global partners specialises in building platforms for Businesses to improve work processes and increase productivity.


This is an online booking site for users to contact with their selected Service Provider (Training Centres, Schools, Health/Beauty/Fitness Centres, F&B/Hotel/Resorts/Organisers) to make instant reservation booking for their desired service (Courses, Classes, Treatments, Activities, Events).

As the Service Provider, this is the most efficient platform to publish your available services for your clienteles to make bookings and payment for the service. Easy to setup the services and manage changes and rescheduling online. Free your time to concentrate on delivering the service, instead of handling manual bookings or mobile message ordering.


Lokapass is a Guest and Contact Management Platform for Events and Functions. Lokapass seeks to be the technology platform for Event Host, and also as a Business Partner with Event Organisers and Venue Owners for Guest Management.

Lokapass makes it easy to deploy application for specific Events, for collecting, processing and reporting on guest’s information. Furthermore, it enables the Event Host and their partners a paperless deployment of guest check-in and/or check-out for their Events and Activities. Resulting in a fast turn-around time to launch attendance taking requirements for any event.

Lokapass is also widely used by couples or groups for private events and gathering. Contact our team for this simple-to-use application, and enjoy an affordable package for your next gathering.

Enterprise Resource Management

ERP is a custom-built Resource Management system for businesses, to first digitise as well as streamline Work Processes. This ERP solution is targeted at the Small and Medium Enterprises, as well as those with large amount of data and information to manage. This solution has three (3) key objectives. Firstly, to allow Operations, Sales, and Managers to manage the business resources under one system, for consistent information. Secondly, to simplify the collection and processing of business data. Last and most importantly, to enable all the business Stakeholders to make their decisions through having a view of relevant business information in the system Dashboard.


This is an online Ticketing platform. Buyers can book and reserve their event tickets online. Instant approval and issue of electronic ticket is done upon payment of ticket. There is no delay in waiting for confirmation on the event availability anymore. Spot the event, book for the event, and get the entrance ticket immediately.

As the Service Provider, this is the most efficient platform to publish your Events and Seminars! Your clients and prospects can easily find your event on the marketplace too. The platform handles all the necessary webpage layout, ticket tracking, buyer details, and online payment for the service. Concentrate on putting on a good show, leave the administrative task to TicketSquare.

Mobility AFC

This is a custom-built solution for small to medium size transport providers looking for a cashless payment system. The solution today supports a hybrid model of payment collection, allowing for cashless payment by store value cards, and also issuing of paper tickets for cash payments.

Mobility AFC is designed for Service Providers to acquire operators to sign up onto their platform, so that small operators can join in the scheme for cashless payments and enjoy the benefits of an Automate Fare Collection (AFC) platform for a small OPEX. Operators get to dictate their fare table, route plans and also rider subscription plans (where applicable).

Build your Transport digitization with Mobility AFC!

Visitor Declare

This is an online platform for companies and organisations to publish their health declaration questionnaire for visitor to their premises. The information collected can be used as contact details during contact tracing, if needed. The date time stamp of the respondent’s can also be used as a check-in mechanism if the questionnaire was completed onsite.

Use this application to collect necessary information prior to the visitor arriving at the office can also allow the companies to minimise administrative work at reception or the pass-office. Speak to our Visitor Declare team to customise your questions if you would need additional items.


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